Privacy Policy

Sipdroid never stores or transfers any personal data, such as call logs or phone numbers. The name and password that you enter for your SIP account are used to register and authenticate calls with your SIP provider.

Sipdroid requests the following permissions on startup:


Allows access to call log. If you deny this permission, Sipdroid will not be able to proxy calls made through the OS dialer to Voice-over-IP any more. In this case you can only use the dialer of Sipdroid’s main application screen to make VoIP calls, but there will be no call history for autocomplete available there either.

Contact list

Used for displaying contact names in Sipdroid’s dialer, for labelling ongoing calls on screen, and for adding names to missed call notifications. If you deny the permission, Sipdroid will just display phone numbers w/o their corresponding names.

Record Audio

Required for making voice calls. If you deny this permission, calls will be unidirectional. The other party won’t hear you. In call options, there is an option you can tick to record calls to your SD card.

Optionally Enabled Permissions


Sipdroid will not ask for this permission. If you want to use the video calls feature you have to manually enable it from Android Settings » Apps » Sipdroid » Permissions.


Sipdroid will ask you to allow access to storage if you want to import settings, or record calls to SD card. If you deny, these features obviously won’t work.

Does your app have access to my device phone number, IMEI or IP in any way?

Sipdroid has no access to your device’s phone number or IMEI. The IP address is only used for signalling to your SIP server for registration and making calls.